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Earn international work experience, immerse yourself in a new culture, and learn Spanish, all from the comfort of home. Virtual internships are the perfect way to gain the cross-cultural understandings and transferable skills that will help you stand out on the job market.



A virtual internship is very similar to an in-person internship in terms of the experience. You’ll be expected to work on projects a certain number of hours per week, be assigned a mentor who will guide you and answer your questions, attend meetings and training, and complete assigned tasks. In addition, an international virtual internship also provides you with experience in communicating across different time zones, cultures, and languages, giving you a more global experience than a local internship. The plus side of a virtual internship is that you get to do all of this from the comfort of your home, saving valuable time and money and giving you more flexibility and comfort.



Worldwide, remote work is on the rise, and that trend was true even before the pandemic. Gaining experience with remote work can help set you apart from the crowd when it comes time to apply for jobs.

Consider these remote work statistics for 2021, shared by,

  • 16% of companies in the world are 100% remote;

  • The average annual income of remote workers is $4,000 higher than that of other workers;

  • 85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm.

Besides the fact that our internship is virtual and will help you develop a skillset and experience that will make you a more competitive virtual worker, this is also an international work experience. What skills can you gain in an international work experience that you wouldn't get from a local placement? Here are a few:

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Cultural sensitivity and understanding

  • Language (we include Spanish classes!)

Beyond the skills you develop, an international work experience also shows off some of your personality traits: your adaptability, self-reliance, interest in other cultures, adventurous-nature, patience, and more!

Participation in our virtual, international internship will give you the experience and confidence you need to be an adaptable, organized, and skilled remote worker that will be more competitive, culturally-competent, and prepared for a globalized, virtual workforce. Keep reading to learn more about our Costa Rica virtual internship program.



Check out some industries where you can be placed through our Virtual Internship program:











You will be assigned a mentor or supervisor from the organization you are interning with who will guide you through your work placement, answer your questions, and provide you with feedback. At a minimum, you will have weekly progress meetings with your mentor, but likely you will interact more through other meetings, emails, calls, and texts. 

You will also engage with other colleagues and team members through various technology platforms and means as the project requires including chat rooms, email, synchronous meetings, virtual training, and more.

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Our Team at Costa Rica Global Learning Programs will ensure that you get exposure to Costa Rica through interactions with cultural mentors, cultural learning experiences, meet-ups, and language classes.

As an intern with us, you'll also have workshops and training before and during your internship program, enjoy fun classes with your cohort, and learn Spanish.


The program start dates are flexible. Generally, interns can be placed within 4 weeks of their initial inquiry. Inquire directly to learn more. The internship program cost is $100 USD per week. Scholarships and bulk discounts are available.

To apply, first submit an internship interest form with your resume and unofficial transcripts. We will reply within 48 hours with the application form specific to your program interests. Apply for free now!

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Our program is designed so that you not only get the valuable work experience and skills you expect from an internship but also guidance and training that will allow you to further development your soft skills and personal competencies that will help you thrive as a remote worker. Programs will vary slightly, but the general outline of most virtual internships will be as follows:

Pre-Program Orientation - 12 hours

  • Business culture orientation (2 hours): Business norms in Costa Rica, cross-cultural communication skills, and other valuable information

  • Introduction to Costa Rica (2 hours): Learn about Costa Rica, meet your peers, and meet your assigned cultural mentor

  • Introduction to your Organization (1 hour): A brief introduction to your assigned organization, your role, and the expectations of your internship 

  • Workshops: Remote Working Strategies and Virtual Etiquette

  • Cultural Workshops

8- to 15-week Internship Experience (10 to 30 hours per week)

  • Guided by your mentor, you will work on assigned tasks, participate in work meetings, investigate, learn, and grow over the course of 7 weeks

  • As you work, you’ll keep track of your progress and growth through a decided-upon method (video, presentation, blog, etc.)

  • Cultural Mentorship: 1-2 hour of meetings per week with your cultural mentor

  • Biweekly debrief sessions with the Global Learning Programs Team

  • Cultural and learning experiences: join us weekly for various opportunities to learn about Costa Rica and experience culture through guest lectures, classes in dance and cooking, Spanish lessons, and more.

  • Virtual internship modules: Participate in learning modules with our other virtual interns geared towards adjusting to working remotely. Modules will be taught by experts from Costa Rica and will include: Communication Skills, Enhancing Productivity, Interacting Across Cultures, and Health & Wellness.

Project Wrap-Up 

  • Prepare and share your final presentation with your mentor and organization.

  • Final review meeting with your mentor and Our Team.

Post-Program Workshops and Debrief

  • Post-Program Workshop: How to Market Your Virtual Experience

  • Final debrief session with our Team to talk about your experience and complete internship experience survey




It was an incredible opportunity to choose Costa Rica Global Learning Program for my internship. This program allowed me to work with the brand Obra Gris. As a fashion student, I explore my skills and knowledge. I got an opportunity to find new dimensions of sustainable fashion. Zero waste construction and its importance have influenced me and the extended research enabled me to develop new patterns for the brand.

Anju, Summer 2021 Intern (Fashion Business and Marketing)


Please fill this form accurately and completely to submit your interest in a Costa Rica Global Learning Program 2020 Virtual Internship. We will follow up within 48 hours with a supplementary application relevant to your specific area of interest. In the follow-up application, we will request a resume and an official copy of your transcript. Please prepare these documents now to avoid processing delays. Thank you for your interest!

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