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Our short-term health science programs, run through the medical school at San Judas Tadeo (USJT), are designed to provide visiting students with an immersive cultural and linguistic experience in Costa Rica while integrating relevant science and healthcare enrichment. While enrolled in short-term programs at the USJT College of Health, students have the opportunity to earn credits, make new friends from around the globe, and get a jump-start on their career in the health sciences. 

These programs are perfect for students interested in or enrolled in health science programs such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, kinesiology, public health, occupational therapy, and related.



May, June, July

Undergraduate, Graduate, Professionals

During this four-week program, students will be immersed in the essential Spanish for health care professionals through intensive, face-to-face written and oral Spanish instruction with native speakers, simulation activities conducted entirely in Spanish for students to practice their communication and listening skills, guest lectures (in English) for students to develop an understanding of Costa Rica’s healthcare systems, and cultural and tourist activities for students to appreciate and explore Costa Rica.


May-July, Dec, Jan

Undergraduate, Graduate

This two- to four-week program gives participants to opportunity to learn about the public and community health options and initiatives in Costa Rica. Students will rotate through a number of health care facilities in rural and urban locations which will allow them to develop an understanding of the healthcare system in Costa Rica. Students will also have the opportunity to organize a public health initiative for a community, working with either a local government or nonprofit organization.


May, June

Undergraduate, Graduate

Students will be utilizing the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) methodology to address health care problems in an Urban Primary Health Care setting during this 8-week program.  KAP surveys can generate data useful to identify a) knowledge gaps, cultural beliefs, and behavioral patterns; b) to deepen understanding of commonly known attitudes, information or behavior; c) perform baseline measurements before intervention and changes after one; and d) to set priorities and make decisions.  In addressing community problems with this methodology, students will deal with the complexity of health problems while performing the survey. Intermediate Spanish required.


May, June

High School Seniors, Undergraduate

During this intensive 6-week program which helps prepare students for a future career in the health sciences, students will engage in the field of medicine through an extensive academic program that includes courses in various biomedical sciences, hands-on labs and clinical exposure, guest speakers, and experiences in the USJT simulation center. Students will be grouped based on their previous science coursework and/or placement test.