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Modalities: In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid


Tailored academic programs for student groups of at least 5 students, taught by local, qualified staff.

2-week programs starting from $1950 per student


More About the Program

Short-term programs are designed with your institution to meet your unique institutional needs, and taught by local, qualified and experienced faculty. Our programs are experiential, immersive experiences that give students a true taste of university-level teaching and learning in Costa Rica, without requiring them to remain in the country for a long period of time. These programs are available for a number of academic areas and adapted to your students interests & needs.

How to Get Started

  1. Request a proposal using the form below.

  2. Meet with our team to further outline your ideas.

  3. Receive and review our course outline and program.

  4. Define the planning and implementation timeline.

  5. Begin student recruitment and travel preparation.


In addition to the logistical arrangements listed below and the collaborative program design, we also provide the pre-program onboarding and in-country orientation.

"The experiences I now have were beautiful and safe, from the clinical sites, to talking with the creators of amazing service projects, to the natural and immense beauty of the country, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. For me, having a small group of 5 women was an incredible gift of the trip. I loved to opportunity to meet and connect with a wide range of people in Costa Rica to build a strong network of committed global learners and contributors to the world."

Kathleen D, Catholic University of America

Short-Term, Spanish for Healthcare

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