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President and Director of Programming

A native of Augusta, GA, Alexis moved to Costa Rica in 2014 after falling in love with the country during a faculty-led study abroad trip in 2012. Since moving to Costa Rica, Alexis has worked in ecotourism, taught science in an international school, and trained teachers on classroom technology integration. Her professional experience in Study Abroad started in la Universidad de las Ciencias y el Arte before she co-founded CR-GLP with Jeffry Jones and Diana Córdoba in 2019. As a student, Alexis participated in four study abroad experiences - three during university and one in high school.

Alexis loves to travel. She has visited over 25 countries and plans to visit more. But by far, Costa Rica is her favorite country and she is perfectly happy to travel around Costa Rica, exploring its beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, national parks, mountains, and more. Besides traveling, Alexis enjoys running, drawing, and reading (preferably on a beach).

Ask her about where to find the best coffee and carrot cake in Costa Rica!

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Vice President and Director of Academics

Diana Córdoba was born and raised in Cartago, Costa Rica. Diana is a life-long learner who has always had a passion for learning. Even as a child, she loved to learn about cultures, places, gastronomy, and people. Her first intercultural experience was when she was 12 years old and her school asked for volunteers to host students from New Jersey. Diana raised her hand immediately (without consulting her parents), but that led to several years of amazing opportunities for Diana. They hosted two international students and Diana had the opportunity to attend high school briefly in Pittsburg, PA. Throughout college, Diana danced at a professional folkloric dance company and had the opportunity to share her culture and her essence as a Costa Rican dancing all over the world. She also studied in Uruguay during college for a program through the United Nations. Diana has been involved with Study Abroad programs for more than 5 years. She considers herself a product of international education in many aspects.

Diana's Advice: Take the most out of your experience abroad; open all of your senses and live it with all of your heart. These programs can be life-changing, or at least, something you will never forget.