Traveling abroad shouldn't be stressful. Whether you're a student traveling alone, a faculty organizing a group trip, or a professional coming with a cohort, we have the logistics to support your trip. We manage all of our own lodging, transportation, and activities, ensuring that all of our visitors always get the best value.


We own a 16-passenger 2018 Hyundai H350 and have a trusted, full-time driver with years of experience in public transportation. For larger groups, we contract additional buses and drivers through our trusted transportation partner.


All students are required to purchase international health insurance. We have trusted English-speaking medical doctors and mental health experts on call who are available for situations which do not require emergency attention in a hospital.


All of the tourism activities and additional lodging we organize for students has been previously vetted by our staff to check for professionalism, accuracy, safety, and more. We book all activities and lodging ourselves, not through outside agents.


We have our own fully-equipped house in San Jose with beds for up to 24 students or 20 students and two faculty. For larger groups, we rent additional houses nearby. Keep scrolling for pictures and more information.

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The Pinares Home for our visitors is located on an upscale residential area with parks and sidewalks. In a nice, five minute walk, you will arrive to to pharmacies, parks, restaurants and shops and within a 15 minute walk, you will find Walmart, multiple shopping center, Starbucks, Office Depot and more.



  • Room with 8 beds (4 bunks), private bathroom

  • Two rooms with 4 beds each (2 bunks), shared bathroom between two rooms

  • One room with 2 beds (1 bunk), private bathroom

  • One room with 2 beds (1 bunk), shares a bathroom with two queen rooms

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  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Washing machine and dryer

  • Eating space for 28 people

  • Multiple sitting areas

  • Indoor gardens

  • Patio spaces

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  • Alarm system 

  • Security cameras outside - live streaming to our team

  • 24-hour guards in the neighborhood

  • Safe location

  • Smoke alarms in every room

  • Fire extinguisher in the kitchen

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  • 50 Mbps internet speed

  • Multiple TVs

  • Walking distance to a number of shops and restaurants

  • Quiet residential area

  • Hot water

  • Natural light (sunroofs)

  • Fans in every room

  • Climate: low to mid 70s (cool climate does not require A/C)

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